Frequently Asked Questions

Galaxy Video Guides

What phones and tablets do the video guides cover?

Please look at the right side of the pages of Galaxy Phone page and Galaxy Tab page for a complete list of all devices covered by the guide. If viewing on mobile, the list will be at the bottom.

How much do the guides cost?

Both How to Use the Samsung Galaxy for Beginners and How to Use the Galaxy Tab for Beginners cost $8.99. That is less than the cost of a premium App, and 1/10th the price of one the Samsung Galaxy training courses, which can generally last hours. The video guide is 30 minutes long, and you can always pause, rewind, and reference the video at any time. You can learn more information on our Samsung Galaxy Phone Guide Page or on our Galaxy Tab Guide Page.

What if I want the guide on DVD?

After your purchase our video guide, you will have an option to order a DVD of the guide, that will be shipped to your home for a discounted price. If you just want to order the DVD and do not want digital access. You can do so here for the Galaxy Phone Guide and here for the Galaxy Tab Guide.

Do you have a book or paper manual?

Yes! We do have a book manual available for all Galaxy smartphones. It is called the Galaxy Smartphone Manual for Beginners and you can order it here.